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    We are now accepting applications for our Summer School Programs 2016
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    Summer School on Education (EDU):July 2–9, 2016
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    Early Bird Application Deadline: February 29, 2016
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    Final Application Deadline: May 15, 2016
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Summer School on Education: The Future of School


Every education system has been reformed with no use, because it is only improving the broken model. What we need is not evolution, but revolution of education. The system has to be transferred into something else.”

Ken Robinson, Internationally Acclaimed Expert on Creativity and Innovation


2 - 9 July, 2016

Innovation of education has become the key issue for many changing societies. It is painful to bring revolutionary decisions into education, because it challenges the traditional methods of teaching and learning, which have been for a long time taken for granted. Nevertheless, the revolutionary ideas of personification of education, promotion of diversity and creativity have been now heard more widely.

The “organic approach” to education is based on the assumption that the main purpose of education is to provide the conditions under which the individual talents and abilities will flourish.  The issue here is to recognize these talents and identify the conditions needed for their growth. In other words, the core of revolution in education is the introduction of new academic domains and innovative teaching tools.

The Summer School invites students to discuss the ideas brought about by the revolutionary approach to education with the faculty members, academics, researchers and professionals, as well as fellow students of various academic and cultural backgrounds.

 Surrounded by the beauty of Prague, we will exchange ideas and seek answers to the questions:

What is the purpose of education in the modern world? How shall the modern education system look like? What would be the values, content and structure of education?  How would school be able to catch up with the rapid growth of information technologies, shifting economic, political and social systems? Are the traditional values of education still valid?  What will be the role of the teacher in modern educational system? What skills are to be taught in the current changing world?

...and many other thoughts will be heard and listened to during the Summer School week in Prague!

"Students of Prague Summer Schools 2013 contributed with an amount of 1360 EUR to the construction of the x-ray suite -the only x-ray unit for over 300 000 inhabitants of wester rural Kenya.  Please see the thanks note from Dan Ogola, the Director of The Matibabu Foundation implementing the x-ray unit construction project in Kenya."

Thanks note to students of Prague Summer Schools

Readings for Education: The Future of School

1. ADHD_Basics.pdf

2. Patrikakou_Power_of_parent_involvement.pdf

3. SEL_and_families.pdf

4. social_and_emotional_learning.pdf

5. time_to_teach_sel_along_with_academics.pdf


7. What_Are_Learning_Disabilities.pdf

8. SEND_references.docx